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Rogue Traders League



The RTL is a group of independent 3 round, 1-day Warhammer 40k Tournaments. The Rogue Trader League (RTL) runs parallel to the UKTC, this new circuit is designed for local players who are unable to travel or commit to full weekend events, ensuring a fairer representation of their skills in national rankings. Points from eligible events will contribute to both the UKTC and the RTL, fostering a more inclusive competitive environment across the UK.

Find a registered RTL event here

Find the 2023/2024 rankings here

TOs, get your token here!


At commencement players will be able to accrue scores from 4 events over the course of the season, which runs from October 1st to the LGT in September. We are in the process of backdating the scores for the current season for all eligible events from October 2023 to now.

We want as many events in the UK to take part as possible, so if you go to RTTs regularly ask you TO to get a token for the RTL. It takes less than 5mins and is a few simple clicks.

Who Can Participate

Anyone! All you have to do is attend at least one registered event.

How to get involved

Find a registered event using the link above and get gaming!

How many points is each event worth?  

We follow the BCP scoring system which is based off how you place in the tournament overall, how many wins you have and how many players attended the event. The BCP scoring system differs from the ITC system insomuch as the gap between events of different sizes is lessened. Here are some comparisons between BCP and ITC Rankings here.  


What awards are available?

​- At present we plan to award the following awards for the RTL season:

---Best General 1st, 2nd and 3rd

---Best in Faction

---Best Team 1st, 2nd and 3rd

---Best in Region (based on players place of residence)

So, for example you could win the 'Best Ork Play in the UK' or similar. There will be team rankings and awards and we also want to award prizes based on regional performance, so you could be 'Best in the Midlands' etc. In due course we hope to add a hobby and sportsmanship element to this too! Finally, there will of course be a top generalship award with 1st, 2nd, 3rd in the U.K.

How can I register my event for the RTL? 

​Submit your event here 

How regularly are the points updated?

Each T.O. is responsible for submitting their event to the RTL once it has concluded. Once they have done so the rankings are automatically updated.

What does it cost? 


Where can I find the rankings? 

See links at top of page​

Score Falsification

Anyone found to be falsifying scores will be banned from the RTL.​

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