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Generally, all our events follow the same registration procedure. The procedure for 40k is outlined below however other game systems may have slightly different timings, please check the game system specific info for your event to make sure you follow the correct procedure:

  1. Once you have purchased a ticket an automated email will be sent from our webstore to you with your order number. No digital or physical tickets are issues.

  2. If you logged into the account section of our webstore (top right) prior to purchase, the order will then show in your account.

  3. 10 days before the start of the event, all ticket purchasers will be sent a link to the event on BCP, please note that the event will be visible on BCP before but the registration button will not be live.

  4. If you do not receive this email please contact us 9 days before the event by email to

  5. Please complete registration via the link and set your faction correctly. Please ensure you set your faction correctly. If this does not match the faction of your army list this will be marked as having a list error. Then, upload your list and set your team name via the app. Please email us to let us know if you are unable to make it. 

  6. Army Lists should be submitted and factions set by 23:59, 6 days before the event. 

  7. If you have bought a ticket second-hand, please make sure you have the order number from the person you bought it from.

  8. Registration will close at 23:59, 6 days before the event (i.e. Sunday evening). Players who do not pre-register before the event will be paired manually on day one and may be penalized if they gain unfair advantage as a result. Your army list must be submitted via BCP prior to registration closing and your faction my be set to avoid a penalty

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