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The 2024 event is now over but we'll be back in 2025 and the information below shall be updated in due course.

You can find the location pack with all the practical info on the event: Here.

In our previous rendezvous at the iconic Country Grounds, we hosted the International Team Tournament (ITT) – an event that has since expanded beyond these hallowed grounds. But 2024 beckons and we loved this venue so much we're bringing a Super-Major to Northampton instead.


With a promise of even greater grandeur. We are set to witness up to 320 players from various corners of the world, showcasing their strategic prowess and expertise across an array of game systems. Each duel stands as a testament to the sheer dedication and craft of the participants.


At its core, The Northampton GT is about kindling connections, fostering friendships, and uniting a community bound by a mutual love for the game.

Indulge in the immersive experience of The Northampton GT. Feel the fervor of the contenders, the rush of the clashes, and the heartfelt warmth of gaming solidarity. This isn't merely a tournament—it's a festivity that embodies the essence of the wargaming community.

Keep an eye out for forthcoming updates and brace yourself for a gaming gala!

Location Pack:

Game Systems:



A 5-7 round 40k Super-Major and a 5 round AOS GT!


February 17-18 2024


The County Ground, Abington Ave, Northampton NN1 4PR, United Kingdom


Where can I get tickets:

From Friday September 1st here.

I have questions:

For practical questions about the event, contact us here. For game system specific questions, contact your T.O.

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