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The UK's first 3-day SUPER MAJOR is back!

This will be our last year at the current venue before we move to a bigger space and we're going out with a bang! Both the 2021 and 2022 Coventry GTs sold out and we're expecting this one too!

The Coventry Super-Major was the first ever 3-day, 8 round 40k event in the UK and we run it side by side with a 100 player 2-day 5 round event. So for those of you who don't want to take the day off work, there's still an awesome event it attend.

So get your tickets early to avoid disappointment and missing out as we have made significant improvements to the event from last year:

- Multiple game systems! This will be the new norm for our events going forwards and Coventry will have Heresy, AOS, Kill Team and 40k on offer. So bring all your mates, no matter what game they play and we'll see you there!

- A slightly earlier start time for 40k. Still allowing enough time to travel from most of the UK in the morning but allowing you the time to get something tasty to eat after the gaming has finished on Friday night

- A stand alone 2 day event for those who can't make the Friday

- Better food vans as we'll have our new high quality food trucks in attendance throughout the event.

Game Systems:


Location Pack:


November 11-12 2023


Center AT7, 12 Bell Green Rd, Coventry CV6 7GP


Where can I get tickets:

Tickets launch Friday 28th April at 2PM here.

I have questions:

For practical questions about the event, contact us here. For game system specific questions, contact your T.O.

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