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The OXford GT

🏆 Welcome to the Oxford GT: A New Chapter in Tabletop Warfare! 🏆

Enter the World of Strategy and Camaraderie in the Historic City of Oxford!

🎲 An Unmissable Addition to the UKTC Calendar: 2024 brings an exhilarating new event to the UK Tournament Circuit – The Oxford GT! Nestled in the prestigious city of Oxford, this event promises a blend of intense tabletop battles and a taste of historic charm.

🏙️ A Tournament in the City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford, renowned for its academic excellence and architectural beauty, now becomes the backdrop for one of the most anticipated gaming events of the year. The Oxford GT adds a touch of elegance and tradition to your gaming experience.

💥 Gaming Glory Amidst Historic Walls: With a minimum capacity of 320 players, The Oxford GT is set to become a landmark event for Warhammer 40k and other beloved game systems. Prepare for strategic battles, forge new alliances, and compete against some of the best in the gaming community.

🍻 Experience Oxford's Vibrant Social Scene: After a day of gaming, explore the enchanting streets of Oxford. Enjoy the city’s vibrant social scene, visit historic pubs, and soak in the unique blend of ancient tradition and modern vibrancy.


Location Pack: Here

Sportsmanship form: Here



April 20-21 2024


Leys Pools and Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd, Oxford OX4 6JL


Where can I get tickets:

Tickets are now on sale : here.

I have questions:

For practical questions about the event, contact us here. For game system specific questions, contact your T.O.

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