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THE SOuth coast

super major

The 2024 event is now over but we'll be back in 2025 and the information below shall be updated in due course.

🌊 Welcome to the South Coast Super Major 🌊

For all the practical info to make your weekend a success - check out the Location Pack here.

🚀 The Pinnacle of Tabletop Warfare: Get ready to witness a spectacle like no other as we bring you the South Coast Super Major - a colossal event set to redefine the boundaries of tabletop wargaming. Following the resounding success of the Southampton GT, we're elevating your gaming experience to new heights.

🎲 A Gathering of Champions: Join hundreds of fellow enthusiasts in a quest for glory and excitement. With space for up to 500 players, this event promises to be one of the most exhilarating tournaments on the UK gaming calendar.

📍 The Ultimate Venue: Situated in the heart of the South, our venue is strategically located to ensure accessibility for all major population centers. Experience world-class facilities designed to make your gaming adventure comfortable and memorable.

🛡️ Epic Battles Await: Prepare to engage in intense matches, showcasing your tactical acumen and skill. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a passionate newcomer, the South Coast Super Major offers the perfect platform to test your mettle.

💡 What’s on Offer:

  • Multiple game systems to cater to all your tabletop gaming preferences.

  • A professionally run event with a focus on fair play and community spirit.

  • Opportunities to connect with fellow gamers and forge new friendships.


🎉 More Than Just a Tournament: The South Coast Super Major is not just about the competition; it's a celebration of the gaming community. Participate in social gatherings, browse through a variety of vendor booths, and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the event.

Game Systems:


March 2-3 2024


Horizon Havant, Havant Leisure Centre, Civic Centre Rd, Havant PO9 2AY​​

Location Pack:



Where can I get tickets:

Tickets go on sale Friday November 17th at 2pm from here.

I have questions:

For practical questions about the event, contact us here. For game system specific questions, contact your T.O.

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