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Event Submission Form

It's super simple to register your event for for the UKTC and set it up on BCP at the same time and you can do this in a couple of ways:

- 1) Log into BCP here and log in to your TO account on the left -> click on the drop down menus to select the game system (40k) and the UKTC circuit, click next

- 2) If your event is already up on BCP, just select the event from the drop down box on the left and click 'request token' you can repeat this multiple times for each of your events

- 3) If your event is not yet on BCP and you will be using BCP to run it, follow the steps in 1) but instead of selecting the event from the drop down on the 2) click on 'New Event' on the right -> the fill out this form and click submit. This will automatically set up the event for you on BCP, it will sync to your TO app and will be registered for the circuit automatically, you can then apply for your ITC token as normal 

Please note that you only need one form to fill out (steps 1 and 3 above) and it does everything, gets your event promoted on this website, registered for UKTC, and set up on BCP.

If you don't want to use BCP to run your event but would still like your event listed on this site, please email us here with the name of the event, a link to the event page (Facebook or similar), the date and the address of the venue.

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