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What was Old is New Again.

Get your square bases ready, the Old World is coming to the UKTC!



As the system is brand new (kinda), we'll be looking at the format in the coming months to see how the Organized Play community evolves. However at this early stage we anticipate the following format:

  • 2,000 points

  • 5 games (3 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday)

  • 20-0 scoring system with 150 point brackets

  • All factions, including legacy factions

  • No Allies

  • Can use Arcane Journal lists and items where applicable

  • Models must be either on the correct size base or on spaced trays that make the unit the correct size


Event pack:

You can find the full tournament pack with all the info on the format of the event: here.

Submit your technical rules questions to the referee: Here

Ask the event manager a general question about the event, not relating to the game system: Here

Events we currently will have The Old World events at:

You can get tickets to all our TOW events, here.

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