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We run the biggest tabletop gaming tournaments in Europe. Starting with the London Grand Tournament in 2016, we have grown to now host events across the country for over 20+ game systems, including popular favourites like Warhammer and Star Wars. Our tournaments range in size from 400+ player team events, all the way up to our 800 player 40k event at the LGT which itself caters to more than 20 different game systems and almost 2,000 attendees. A summary of our events is below you can click through the links to find out more, or select the event you are interested in from the drop down menu above.

The London GT - September: quite simply, the biggest 40k tournament in the world aside from LVO. 800 players for 40k, and most other popular game systems represented.

The Nottingham GT - January: taking Warhammer home, this 400+ player 40k event starts of with a social in the bar at Bugman's Bar in Warhammer World on the Friday night followed by a weekend of Warhammer in our amazing new location.

The International Team Tournament: Cov - February: a 400+ player, team tournament in which teams of 5 face off in 6 rounds of 40k fun.

The Northampton GT - February: a 320 player super-major at the fantastic county grounds

The South Coast Super Major - March: 320+ players in our finest south coast event!

The Manchester GT - March: What more could you ask for than a short walk from all the cities fine attractions and a 40k super-major to play in.

The Oxford GT - April: An all new super-major in an all new venue!

The International Team Tournament: Brum - May: Our second biggest team event comes to the UK's second biggest city. The Birmingham GT is host to the second I. T. T. of the year as well as a AOS tournament at one 500+ player event. 

The Bristol GT -  June: The BRISTOL GT is back and we've made massive improvements to the event from last year  with space for up to 400 players, 1000 car parking spots on site and multiple game systems! the Bristol GT joins our other events in having 40k and AOS!

The Sheffield GT - July: An all new super-major in an all new venue

The Leeds GT - August: Our penultimate event of the UKTC season before the LGT rounds things out. The LEEDS GT has space for 500+ players making it the biggest Warhammer event in the north!

The Coventry GT - October: the UK's first ever 3 day, 8 round 40k super-major, this ground breaking event is geared up to host 350+ players over the course of the weekend.  There's side events too, so if you can't take the Friday off work, there's still plenty to do on Saturday and Sunday.

The International Team Tournament: Hertfordshire - November: The final team event of the year giving everyone one last shot at greatness while for out combined 3/3 I. T. T. rankings.

The Leicester GT - December: This 400+ player 40k event was our second to launch after the LGT and in 2021 sold out in just 2 days, prompting us to expand with adding a second hall.

Hopefully you can make it to one soon, we'd love to have you!

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