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Game Systems

All the game systems we currently run events for are linked to below. This does not include the LGT which features 20+ game systems in including all of the below. The systems below are the games which we run regular events for. You can find details of these events on the events page.

Each game system we run events for will have a specific format and set of tournament documents. These may be the official documents provided by the games publisher, or in some instances may be our own. At all our events these documents are the same. If you attend one of our MCP events in Manchester, it will follow the same format and tournament documents as our MCP event in Birmingham etc.

On the event pages you can find a list of the game systems being played at that event as well as the practical information specific to that event (date, location etc.)

On the game system home pages you can find links to these documents.

Games Systems:

  • Warhammer 40,000

  • Age of Sigmar

  • Horus Heresy


  • Marvel Crisis Protocol

  • Star Wars

  • Kill Team

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