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Unraveling the UK Warhammer 40k Meta: A Deep Dive Into the Latest Tournament Data

Welcome to our first in a series of regular posts where we'll be dissecting the meta from the UK Warhammer 40k tournament scene. We aim to bring you this content as close to the tournaments as possible, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and shifts in the 40k meta landscape. This week, we're taking a close look at 14 tournaments that took place across the UK.

The Tournament Scene

These tournaments were quite small, with an average size of about 15 players, and the largest being only around 20. In our analysis, we've included data from our own London Open, a notable event that attracted about 50 players, marking it as one of the biggest 10th edition events to date in the UK.

The tournaments were geographically widespread, providing ample opportunities for players across the country to participate. From these events, we've compiled a win rate for each faction, alongside other interesting stats that we'll delve into shortly.

The Winners

First, let's congratulate the winners of these tournaments. Here's a quick rundown of the victorious factions, the tournaments they won, and the players at the helm:

  • Battle Of Boltstorm RTT - First Of The Edition: Ultramarines, piloted by Ben Taylor of Dice & Men

  • Team Hivemind: New Dawn: Chaos Daemons, led by Charles Gould of DeadRedGaming

  • Leeds Warzone - 2 Day GT: Chaos Daemons, commanded by David Fairweather of ClumsyOrcStudios

  • Cross-Swords War At The Westward 2: Aeldari, led by Tom Bunnell

  • Day of the Undefeateds #3: Deathwatch, championed by Kevin Weaver

  • Exploding Dice 40K GT: Genestealer Cult, managed by Deek Moore

  • Warhammer 40k: Clash for Credit Event: 23rd July: Thousand Sons, commanded by Jordan Tilley of ClumsyOrcStudios

  • 40k Bootcamp: Imperial Knights, run by Tom Leighton of Dragon Slayers

  • Ultima Nonae: Necrons, led by Mark Atkins of Deathbot from Space

  • The Dawn Of 10th: Harlequins, piloted by David Bannister of Vanguard Tactics

  • Leviathan 10Th Edition Tournament: Imperial Knights, led by Joshua Bickley

  • Peterborough Slam! RTT: T'au Empire, won by Jack Chapman of 6++

  • Welcome To 10th Twisted Dice RTT: Thousand Sons, championed by Mathew Putney of Ragtag Raiders

  • Willen Wages War: Aeldari, commanded by Paul Oboyle

Congratulations to all the winners! The spread of winning factions is impressive, suggesting a balanced meta that allows various factions to shine. This variety keeps the game fresh and makes for some exciting matchups.

Faction Performance

Now, let's dive into the stats. For each faction, we've compiled the number of wins, games played, number of players who've gone X-0 or X-1 (meaning they either won all their games or lost only one), and their win rate over the weekend. As we gather more data over time, we'll also begin tracking season-long win rates and lifetime win rates, giving us an even more comprehensive view of faction performance.

Please note that of the 14 events this weekend the data below only includes the data from tournaments who submitted their results to us.

Looking at this weekend's win rates, we see some surprising results. The T'au Empire, while represented by only four players, achieved a win rate of 66.6%, the highest of all factions. This was followed closely by the Aeldari and the Genestealer Cult, both with substantial representation and high win rates.

It's important to note that these numbers come from a relatively small dataset, so it's likely they'll adjust as more data is gathered. However, they give us an interesting initial glimpse into the 10th edition meta.

Big Events Coming Up!

If you want to be part of shaping this data, we have some exciting events coming up that you won't want to miss! We're hosting the Leeds Super Major and the London Grand Tournament (LGT), both of which promise to be exciting showdowns that will significantly impact the 40k meta.

The Leeds Super Major is happening not this weekend but the next. It's set to be the largest 10th edition event to date in Europe, so get your tickets at UKTC Events and be part of Warhammer 40k history!

Following the Leeds event, the London Grand Tournament (LGT) this September is going to be the highlight of the calendar year so far for all our UK-based 40k players. You can get your tickets at LGT Presents.

So, whether you're a seasoned pro or a newcomer to the 40k scene, these events are a fantastic opportunity to test your skills, meet other players, and contribute to the evolving meta of Warhammer 40k. We can't wait to see you there!

Keep the Data Coming!

This analysis would not be possible without the data shared by tournament organizers (TOs). If you're a TO or a player attending an event, please consider sharing your results with us. We'll be reaching out to TOs after each tournament weekend, asking for the data we need to keep this analysis going.

Not only does this data help us bring you this kind of content, but it also contributes to the UKTC ranking circuit. If your TO isn't aware, they can apply for a UKTC token on our website, and your tournament results will contribute to your national ranking.

We're excited to see how the meta evolves over the course of the 10th edition, and we're even more excited to share that journey with you. Stay tuned for more updates, and we hope to see you at an event soon!

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